Man says he survived at sea for two weeks by eating coconuts

A tsunami survivor says he drifted on the Indian Ocean for two weeks, living on coconuts that he prised open with his teeth while floating on pieces of wood, a broken boat and, finally, a fishing raft.

Ari Afrizal was spotted by a container ship, Al Yamamah, on Sunday. It hauled him aboard and took him to Malaysia on Monday. He was later taken to hospital.


Taiwanese girl survives tsunami in coconut tree

A six-year-old Taiwanese girl survived the killer tsunami that battered Thailand after landing in a coconut tree that prevented her from being washed away, local TV reports said yesterday.

The girl's family had arrived for a vacation in Phuket from Shanghai, where they are based, a few days ago.



How Do You Identify a Good Quality Coconut Oil?

Source: Coconut Research Center, by Dr. Bruce Fife, an internationally recognized expert on the health and nutritional aspects of coconut and related products.
One of the questions I'm asked most often is: How can a person identify a good quality coconut oil? There is a way you can tell a high quality coconut oil from the rest. There are four things you can look for in a quality coconut oil. I'll discuss each one briefly.